• Meditation for Mindfulness with Barbara

    Practice taking the seat of observation, sensing the breath, body, mind and emotions. Using mindful meditation tools, Barbara will lead you through this grounding practice that is useful for dealing with difficult situations.

  • Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation with Leslie

    Disconnect from the external world and reconnect with inner stillness during thirty minutes of yoga nidra meditation. Jump to 3:22 to immediately begin your practice.
    This practice is a live recording of our Yoga Nidra Live Stream class held every Sunday from 5:30-6pm. You can register on

  • Body Scan for Relaxation with Barbara

    In this relaxing, fully guided body scan mediation, Barbara will take you to a place of ease and calm.  Great to do before bed to invite sleep or anytime you need to reset.

  • Sound Healing with Jess

    The empowerment trio. Drift away with the sound of these 3 crystal singing bowls. The vibrations of love and power with heart and solar plexus chakras, grounded into the physical with root.

  • 15 Minute Yoga Nidra with Leslie

    Fully let go with this guided Yoga Nidra experience with Leslie. Designed to mirror your natural relaxation response within your subconscious, this unique relaxation practice only requires you to rest and relax. Find a comfortable space and unplug from the distractions, obligations, and stressors...

  • Twilight Meditation and Compassion Practice with Liz

    Surround yourself with compassion and the sounds of the Yardley studio. Birds, geese and Liz's compassion practice bring you home.

  • Body Scan Meditation with Leslie

    Find a comfortable place to lie down and let Leslie guide you into a state of total relaxation. All you need is your body and a few mindful moments to reconnect with yourself.

  • Sensing Your Breaths Movement Meditation with Theresa

    The capacity of the natural world to heal is timeless. Take in an abundance of Vitamin N (nature) and connect with it’s healing powers. Open, expand, release and let go.

  • 4 Minute Meditation with Liz

    We all have 4 minutes to focus. Find peace and quiet with this 4 minute meditation with Liz. Birds, chimes, sunshine and a beautiful setting will help you to relax into a state of centered connection to self.

  • 3 Part Breath Meditation with Leslie

    Leslie will guide you through simple mindful breathing and then into a 3 part pranayama technique. Great for overwhelm, stress, and balancing the nervous system.

  • Loving Kindness Meditation with Liz

    Send a ripple of safety, happiness, health and ease out to yourself, your family, friends and community, country and all beings everywhere.

  • Heart Space Meditation

    Guided mindfulness focused on connecting with physical body, the internal pulse of your own heart beat, and the comfort of your energetic heart space, anahata.

  • Sunset Meditation with Theresa

    All nature, including humanity is solar-powered. Infusion of the sun’s healing power improves mood, boosts the immune system, and fills us with the sunshine vitamin (D).

  • Yoga Nidra: Release from External Stimulation with Leslie

    A fully restorative yoga nidra practice focused on disconnecting from external stimulation and reconnecting with our inner sanctuary of peace and stillness.

    **This practice is a live recording of Leslie's Yoga Nidra Live Stream class held every Sunday from 5:30-6pm. You can register on www.pranc...

  • Learn: Mindfulness Meditation with Leslie

    Explore three mindfulness anchors: your breath, heartbeat, and mantra. Meditation is helpful for managing stress we cannot control and everyone is capable of developing a practice. Observe your experience with each of these anchors, and see which resonates most with you.