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  • Unlocking Playfulness & Joy Retreat

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    Unlocking Playfulness and Joy is an at home art and self-connection retreat for supporting the sacral chakra- our emotional, creative, and sensual center within the subtle body. Liz and Leslie Conner are a mother daughter team, bringing over 30 years of combined yoga instruction, Reiki healing a...

  • Integrating the Chakras: Understanding Your Energy

    5 videos  |   Buy $154

    Dive deeper into self-discovery by learning more about the seven major energetic centers of your Chakra system. This integrative five night course draws on Vedic Chakra wisdom, hands on energy work, and intuitive healing practices to create a deeply personal relationship with your subtle body. Gr...

  • The Support Series: Diagnosis through Survivorship

    13 videos  |   Buy $54

    A cancer diagnosis is scary, sad, and exhausting. While changing your life forever it can also create time for self, reflection, and gratitude. This series will help support from diagnosis throughout survivorship.
    Led by career oncology nurse and yoga instructor Jimmy McCann.

  • Spiritual Astrology: Befriending your Moon Sign

    13 videos  |   Buy $25

    Join Leslie Conner as she takes us on a journey exploring our moon sign.
    The moon in astrology represents our true emotional nature, the patterns we tend to feel ourselves into, and the specific needs we have in response to experiencing life. Where the moon falls in your natal chart reveals insi...

  • Prenatal Yoga Series for All Trimesters

    4 videos  |   Buy $39

    Yoga for a mother to be! Perfect for those who have been practicing yoga or are new beginners! Come nourish you and your baby with experienced yoga teacher Kelly Corbitt in these classes, designed to take you through all three trimesters and a bonus video for favorite poses for particular ailment...