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The Prancing Peacock is in a state of constant evolution- just like you. Our studio has been passionately and safely sharing Yoga with the community for over 20 years, and now we’re more accessible than ever.

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Beginner Vinyasa

Beginner classes slow down the flow and provide more instruction, so you know exactly where each foot belongs and where to hold your gaze. Beginner doesn’t mean gentle- you’ll still build heat and strength while getting a great stretch. If you’re not ready for that, Gentle Beginners slows things down even more. After all, when was the last time you put your foot all the way up there?!

Vinyasa Flow

Mixed Level classes provide faster paced instruction for flowing through your practice. Expect to deepen your practice, increase heat and energy within the body, and leave feeling refreshed and accomplished.


Relax the mind, the body follows. Practice tools to alleviate stress, anxiety and conditioned patterns of response.

and More

Embrace the natural medicine of the Prancing Peacock. Browse our vast range of class offerings of Barre, Yin, Restorative, Breathing and more.

On Demand Courses

Expand your knowledge of yoga with a range of holistic workshops led by body therapists, reiki masters, and licensed counselors. No subscription necessary.

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  • Introduction to Yoga Mudras for Healing

    1 video

    A mudra is a hand gesture, used during during meditation that help to channel your body’s energy flow. During this 2 hour workshop, we will explore the history and use of mudras, their benefits and powers and learn to incorporate them into our daily life.

  • Integrating the Chakras: Understanding Your Energy

    5 videos

    Dive deeper into self-discovery by learning more about the seven major energetic centers of your Chakra system. This integrative five night course draws on Vedic Chakra wisdom, hands on energy work, and intuitive healing practices to create a deeply personal relationship with your subtle body. Gr...

  • The Support Series: Diagnosis through Survivorship

    13 videos

    A cancer diagnosis is scary, sad, and exhausting. While changing your life forever it can also create time for self, reflection, and gratitude. This series will help support from diagnosis throughout survivorship.
    Led by career oncology nurse and yoga instructor Jimmy McCann.

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