Vinyasa Flow

  • Legs for Days Vinyasa with Leslie

    30 minutes of stretching the hamstrings and lengthening the legs. Keep your spine long and feel the entire back body release and relax!

  • Flow with Circular Namaskars with Liz

    Begin with a lively warmup and stretch out your body with creative flows. Sun salutations, lower body twists and stretches and a creative circular namaskar.

  • Find Stability and Balance with Trish

    Find your center in a flow of grounding and balancing postures.

  • Waking the Warrior 20 Minute Morning Practice with Leslie

    A bright and refreshing vinyasa practice to start the day or renew the body any time. Flow through fluid movements and warrior I and II for a full body experience.

  • Self-Care Core Flow Livestream with June

    Start with a self foot massage to release tension and improve circulation then move into a holiday themed practice of breath and asanas. Finish with some love for your lungs.

  • Backbend Vinyasa Flow with Liz

    Warm up, extend, ground and bend with tis flowing practice to open all aspects of the spine. Allow the breath to joyfully carry you through your practice!

  • Yoga to Align and Strengthen with June

    Basic foundational yoga postures strung together to align, strengthen,& promote flexibility along with awareness of breath to relax and calm the mind.

  • Find Steadiness and Ease with Kelly

    This class will help build an awareness of your present moment experience, while also moving into a mindful flowing practice. During times of stress and uncertainty, this practice can help you find steadiness, ease, balance and an awareness of the beauty that surrounds us in every moment.

  • Energy Shifting Vinyasa Flow with Leslie

    Explore a free flowing vinyasa sequence that helps shift and release energy. End your practice feeling rejuvenated and reconnected to an inner feeling of joy and ease!

  • Signature Flow with Liz

    You have arrived! Float through fast paced Vinyasa sequences. Let your breath take over as your body moves in sync with your inhale and exhale. Build heat and prana while inevitably laughing out loud with Liz.

  • “Hip”pie groove space with Amanda

    A fluid flow to free compressed stagnant joints. Allow your self to move with freedom and authenticity. A feel good warm up, to help expand the mind space and deepen the breath. Let’s soar to our highest vibration to create the balance we all deserve.

  • Twisty Vinyasa with Jess

    A twisty sequence to bring ourselves back into the body. Accessible to all, this practice reminds us that we can create the space that we need.

  • Grounding Flow with June Miller

    Start with gentle movements to release trapped energy followed with a simple moon salutation that can be repeated to soothe & calm.

  • Rhythmic Flow with Sound Healing Shavasana with Liz

    Sun salutations, shoulder and hip openers and lots of nature create a flowing practice.Enjoy shavasana with the Koshi chimes and leave feeling empowered and peaceful.

  • Rise and Shine or Anytime Sun Salutations with Liz

    Add some pep to your step with Liz’s personal morning practice. Wake up body, mind, soul with a centering meditation, easy stretches, and traditional sun salutations!

  • Moon Salutation Flow with June

    A series of poses performed in a particular sequence to create a cooling flow of movement. ... But unlike Sun Salutations, which are heating and stimulating, Moon Salutations are cooling and quieting for when cooler heads should prevail!

  • Happy Juice Vinyasa Glow with Amanda

    Core work and backbends... an energetic fusion to work up a quick sweat to slide that frown upside down!

  • Strong and Stable Flow with Jess

    I am Strong and I am stable! Join Jess on your mat for a strong flow to build heat from the inside out. Strength cultivates stability!

  • Core Yoga Flow with Diana

    Can you say movement?! To prepare, do your neck rolls, and seated forward folds for this vinyasa class that combines balance and core work with a faster pace!

  • Five Tibetans practice with June Miller

    Improve your wellbeing with the 5 Tibetan Rites, "a system of youthing" done in the morning or at your convenience to stimulate and balance the chakras. Regular practice of these postures is said to relieve muscle tension and nervous stress, improves digestion, strengthen the cardiovascular syste...

  • Give Yourself a Hug Vinyasa Flow Livestream with Amanda

    Let’s expand our wings to create space and freedom for our shoulders and upper back, to release our hearts from worry. Let’s hold the heart together by softening our hip creases, and creating a shelf of stability.

  • Heart Chakra Vinyasa Flow with Liz

  • Open and Expand Alignment Based Livestream Vinyasa with Kelly

    Open and expand in this vinyasa practice, while connecting to an awareness of our roots that ground us in the present moment.

  • Hip Opening and Split Sequence Flow with Liz

    Open the hips! Wake up your legs with this fun flow including Hanumanasana, monkey pose, or split! Heads up, live-stream shenanigans, wake yourself up from shavasana, the audio cut out at the very end!