• Learn: Sun Salutation Warmup with Liz

    A 10 minute warm up to prepare the body for other flow practices, or as a quick body realignment! Includes a short centering meditation, gentle stretches, and Surya Namaskar A and B, aka Sun Salutations A and B.

  • Learn: Circular Sun Salutations with Liz

    Travel around your mat in this circular practice* to warm and invigorate body and soul. Inspired by Shiva Rea, this practice will take you on a magic carpet ride. *Please warm up your body beforehand with Liz's "Sun Salutation Warm Up" video or another gentle movement practice.

  • Learn: Mindfulness Meditation with Leslie

    Explore three mindfulness anchors: your breath, heartbeat, and mantra. Meditation is helpful for managing stress we cannot control and everyone is capable of developing a practice. Observe your experience with each of these anchors, and see which resonates most with you.

  • Learn: Downward Dog