• Beginner Flow with Jaime

    Relax into Jaime’s warm style of teaching, and realign with a steady vinyasa sequence perfect for beginners.

  • Stretch + Relax Beginner Practice with Leslie

    Stretch your body and relax your mind with mindful movement appropriate for anyone comfortable getting up and down from the mat. Beginners will have the option to either stay where they are in a posture, or move gradually into a deeper stretch. The choice is always yours!

  • Feel Good Beginners Flow with Leslie

    Explore your warriors while creating length along the spine and side bodies! Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a positive experience in their body.
    Listen along to Leslie's playlist on Spotify, or use your own:

  • Beginner Flow Livestream with Jaime

    A beginner vinyasa class taking you through flowing sequences of postures while focusing on basic alignment and breath with movement. This class is suitable for all levels, whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner looking to revisit the fundamentals.

  • Beginner Vinyasa Livestream with Sherry

    A playful, grounded flow through basic shapes and sequences with a focus on precision and breath & body awareness.

  • Lunge and Reach Beginner Flow with Leslie

    Stretch and strengthen your body as you move in sync with your breath! Featuring a lower body sequence highlighting your quads to create a feeling of ease and space within your legs, hips, low back, and spinal column.

    **This class was recorded from Leslie's live streaming class, held every Tuesd...

  • Steadiness and Ease Beginner Flow with Leslie

    Release tension from your lower core and upper back as you flow through beginner sequences with Leslie.

    This video was recorded from Leslie's virtual 11am beginner class, held every Friday! You can live stream the class on zoom by registering at!

  • Vinyasa Flow Basics Livestream with Sherry

    Cultivate stability through the poses while finding refuge in the breath and body. We will flow, awakening the body to help balance the wild and tame energies of being in quarantine, while connecting to the quiet sanctuary within.