The Support Series: Diagnosis through Survivorship

The Support Series: Diagnosis through Survivorship

A cancer diagnosis is scary, sad, and exhausting. While changing your life forever it can also create time for self, reflection, and gratitude. This series will help support from diagnosis throughout survivorship.
Led by career oncology nurse and yoga instructor Jimmy McCann.

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The Support Series: Diagnosis through Survivorship
  • Introduction to Your Teacher: Jimmy

    Get to know Jimmy, your new yoga and meditation instructor. Jimmy is first and foremost a proud and dedicated Dad and Husband with an incredibly compassionate heart. His nursing career has been dedicated entirely to cancer care, and is excited to share this time and space with you.

  • Meditation: Beginning Your Mindfulness Journey

    A beginner's meditation with guidance and information about developing your personal meditation practice.

  • Meditation: Getting Your Diagnosis

    After diagnosis, Jimmy is here to guide you through this beginner meditation. We're here for you, you don't have to go through this alone.

  • Meditation: Treatment Day

    Jimmy is here supporting you at your first and celebrating your last! This supportive and uplifting meditation includes a mantra to help you get ready for treatment day.

  • Meditation: Silence the Pumps During a Treatment

    Jimmy guides you through a meditation during your treatment to encourage a smooth experience. Start everyday with those few phrases of encouragement.

  • Meditation: Last Treatment Day

    Jimmy celebrates your treatment and guides you through a simple meditation.

  • Gentle Yoga: Part 1

    Join Jimmy for twenty minutes of accessible, feel good movements and gentle stretching to realign your body and release tension.

  • Gentle Class Part 2

    Often patients say they cannot do yoga. You can! Part 2 of this gentle yoga class will support and empower you through a simple 15 minute sequence.
    Part 2 of 2.

  • Tips + Techniques: Aromatherapy and Hydration

    A simple video offering two tools that can be added to your “toolbox” on those bad days. Being prepared with supportive tips and tricks can make the challenges of your experience pass more smoothly. Jimmy will discuss how simple and natural practices like hydration and essential oils can support ...

  • Tips + Techniques: Using Stickers to Begin Your Meditation Practice

    A quick and helpful introduction to mindfulness and meditation. Learn how a simple sticker will help you start a meditation practice.

  • Tips + Techniques: Cleansing Breath

    Jimmy explains the process behind a cleansing breath, and how you can incorporate this simple, do-anywhere practice into your "toolbox".

  • Tips + Techniques: Music

    Expand your support "toolbox" using music! Jimmy shares his own experience and a few suggestions for using music as a support resource.

  • Tips + Techniques: Using a Mantra

    A mantra is a repeated sound or phrase used to focus your awareness and energy on the present moment and your intentions.
    Starting every day with a few simple phrases of encouragement can ease anxiety and uplift you. Jimmy will guide you through choosing your own meaningful mantra.