Introduction to Meditation: A Three Part Course

Introduction to Meditation: A Three Part Course

Whether you have never meditated before, have a daily practice, or fall somewhere in between, this Meditation Immersion is for you to deeply connect with this transformative wellness tool.

Over three consecutive evenings, Barbara will guide you through different mindfulness techniques, combining lecture, personal meditative experiences, and clarifying Q & A. Come with an open mind and acquire the tools you need to live a more mindful life.

Inspired by teachers such as Jon Kabat Zinn, Pema Chodron, Sally Kempton, Tara Branch and the Peacock's own, Leslie Conner, Barbara teaches from her heart and her own experience. Dive deep into the why, how, and now with her reassuring guidance and deeply grounded nature.

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Introduction to Meditation: A Three Part Course
  • Introduction to Meditation: Day One

    In this class we explore the reasons we meditate and science behind the benefits. I breakdown finding the most appropriate posture for your unique body and we practice using an anchor in our seated meditation. This class is a little lecture, a lot of practice and sets us up with a good foundati...

  • Introduction to Meditation: Day Two

    Mindfulness is a hot topic right now. In this class we explore what it means in our seated practice and our everyday life. We uncover the origins of the practice, its modern intersection with science and its 9 guiding precepts. Lecture is infused with guided practices that you can re-create on y...

  • Introduction to Meditation: Day Three

    In our closing session, we answer the question: What’s next? We discuss how to cultivate a sustainable practice, what challenges to expect and how to work with them. We close with a 30 minute fully guided restorative meditation that will leave you feeling all the feels!