Live-stream Classes

  • Heart Opening Gentle Flow Live stream with Barbara

    Gentle flow to lift your spirits and your heart. Dive deep into self compassion and let this gentle flow open your heart and your hips!

  • Self-Care Core Flow Livestream with June

    Start with a self foot massage to release tension and improve circulation then move into a holiday themed practice of breath and asanas. Finish with some love for your lungs.

  • Vinyasa Flow Basics Livestream with Sherry

    Cultivate stability through the poses while finding refuge in the breath and body. We will flow, awakening the body to help balance the wild and tame energies of being in quarantine, while connecting to the quiet sanctuary within.

  • Yin Yoga for Opening the Body Livestream with Kelly

    This class focuses on opening both our upper spine/chest/shoulders as well as lower spine and hips. Join us for a exploration of release of body tension, surrender into stillness and letting go of excess effort- both in the body and the mind.

  • Core Vinyasa Livestream with June

    Start by using a simple prop..TP...To bring awareness to deep muscles & move into a vinyasa practice. Only June could think this one up!

  • Give Yourself a Hug Vinyasa Flow Livestream with Amanda

    Let’s expand our wings to create space and freedom for our shoulders and upper back, to release our hearts from worry. Let’s hold the heart together by softening our hip creases, and creating a shelf of stability.

  • Gentle Fearless Full Moon Flow Livestream with Emily

    Bathe in the light of our Libra full moon with this gentle yet strengthening flow of grounding and heart opening poses. Fearlessly awaken your imagination while leaning into the solid support of you!

  • Beginner Flow Livestream with Jaime

    A beginner vinyasa class taking you through flowing sequences of postures while focusing on basic alignment and breath with movement. This class is suitable for all levels, whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner looking to revisit the fundamentals.

  • Beginner Vinyasa Livestream with Sherry

    A playful, grounded flow through basic shapes and sequences with a focus on precision and breath & body awareness.

  • Open and Expand Alignment Based Livestream Vinyasa with Kelly

    Open and expand in this vinyasa practice, while connecting to an awareness of our roots that ground us in the present moment.

  • Gentle Vinyasa Livestream with Sherry

  • Releasing Attachment Vinyasa Yoga Livestream with Amanda

    From caterpillar to butterfly-A total mind body metamorphosis to help you shed what no longer serves you. Releasing conditioned attachment to how it should be, and just going with the flow. Allowing yourself to be courageous to the core, while evolving through strength.

  • Tension Release Alignment-Based Vinyasa Livestream with Kelly

    This class will invite a release of tension that may be accumulating in new patterns in your body and mind as a result of all of the changes we are experiencing. We will move mindfully through an alignment- based practice that will open our bodies and minds, and promote the flow of healthy and b...

  • Expand & Release: Gentle Lunar Live stream with Emily

    Gift yourself gratitude under the waning Sagittarius moon with this leg-strengthening, shoulder-opening, pranayama-packed flow.