• Yin Yoga with Kelly

    During this yin practice, we will explore depths of the spine, hips and shoulders to help promote opening, letting go, surrender and acceptance of wherever we find ourselves in the present moment. This offering is intended to help you find quiet, stillness and peace.

  • Deep Dive: Hips, Spine, Soul Yin Yoga with Kelly

    This yin practice will help you release tightness and tension in your hips and spine, while encouraging a deep dive into quiet, stillness and reflection for your mind, body and soul. Use this practice to cultivate surrender and find ease in the present moment. Enjoy!

  • Yin Yoga for Opening the Body Livestream with Kelly

    This class focuses on opening both our upper spine/chest/shoulders as well as lower spine and hips. Join us for a exploration of release of body tension, surrender into stillness and letting go of excess effort- both in the body and the mind.