New this Week

  • Legs for Days Vinyasa with Leslie

    30 minutes of stretching the hamstrings and lengthening the legs. Keep your spine long and feel the entire back body release and relax!

  • Flow with Circular Namaskars with Liz

    Begin with a lively warmup and stretch out your body with creative flows. Sun salutations, lower body twists and stretches and a creative circular namaskar.

  • Find Stability and Balance with Trish

    Find your center in a flow of grounding and balancing postures.

  • Quick Release: Shoulders + Neck with Leslie

    A simple 20 minute sequence focused on realigning the shoulders and neck, releasing tension commonly held in this part of the body, and creating a sensation of ease!

  • Waking the Warrior 20 Minute Morning Practice with Leslie

    A bright and refreshing vinyasa practice to start the day or renew the body any time. Flow through fluid movements and warrior I and II for a full body experience.

  • Let Go Forward Fold Practice with Leslie

    Stretch and relax with this flowing vinyasa practice focused on forward folding! Forward folds are an excellent way to clear your mind of stress and balance your nervous system, while also providing relief from tension in your low back and legs.

  • Stretch + Relax Beginner Practice with Leslie

    Stretch your body and relax your mind with mindful movement appropriate for anyone comfortable getting up and down from the mat. Beginners will have the option to either stay where they are in a posture, or move gradually into a deeper stretch. The choice is always yours!