• Standing in Gentle Stillness with Leslie

    Explore gentle, slow movement with an emphasis on witnessing instead of reacting, focusing the breath, and managing prana, your life force energy. Reset the backline of muscles and connective tissue, release lines of tension in your neck and the shoulders, and ground yourself in stability and sel...

  • Gentle Yoga to Unwind with Barbara

    Release from physical, emotional, and mental tension using the pranayama practice of kumbhaka, breath retention, as you hold specific gentle postures.

  • Go Slow Morning Gentle Flow with Christine

    Flow through Christine's rise and shine gentle flow to wake up your body and prepare for your day ahead.

  • Refresh + Awaken Chair Yoga

    Bend, twist, extend, and fold through your body's natural range of motion, all from the support of the chair. Optional standing sequence featuring chair assisted down dog included. Great for all levels with simple options to modify.

  • Low Back Release Practice (including birds and trains) with Liz

    A low back focused vinyasa sequence on the yoga deck, surrounded by the sounds of the Yardley studio grounds! Gentle backbends and stretches will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable, while creating noticeable space and ease within the low back.

  • Gentle Practice to Release Tension with Theresa

    Slow fluid movements create the best conditions to release tension of all kinds. Using mindful breathing practices and slow gentle movements deep states of awareness and relaxation can be achieved. Recover your natural wellbeing in this lakeside practice with Theresa.

  • Let Go Gentle Flow with Christine

    Nurture yourself and unwind from head to toe with this slower paced, carefully sequenced Gentle Vinyasa Flow. We will breathe and move carefully and purposefully through gentle stretching poses which will leave you feeling calm and centered.

  • Come as you are with Sherry

    Slow down and connect your inner and outer worlds. In this class we will sit, breath and move with conscious awareness. Expect to cultivate tools of meditation, movement & mantra to gently meet things as they are. Giggling is also a possibility!

  • Happy Hips: Gentle Lunar Flow with Emily

    Tap into your highest self as Emily guides you through a flowing sequence.
    Honor our moon, your emotions, and our collective light! Connect to both sky and Earth during this gentle hip opening sequence inspired by both the moon's magic and mystery.

  • Gentle Flow with Liz

    A gentle flow for all levels to stretch, balance and feel great. Begin with a short meditation, 1/2 Sun Salutations and gentle stretching.

  • Gentle Fearless Full Moon Flow Livestream with Emily

    Bathe in the light of our Libra full moon with this gentle yet strengthening flow of grounding and heart opening poses. Fearlessly awaken your imagination while leaning into the solid support of you!

  • Gentle Flow for Surrender with Barbara

    Cultivate acceptance of the unknown in this gentle vinyasa flow class. Find ease and space in the tight spaces of the body and release your fears.