Jumpstart Your Practice: Beginner Course

Jumpstart Your Practice: Beginner Course

Get to know the transformative practice of Yoga with Studio Teacher Christine Keller. Over three relaxing and engaging evenings, you will explore the origins of Yoga, learn the basics of energy flow and asana (aka yoga postures), and tap into the ultimate stress reduction practice of breathwork, all in a safe and casual environment. Upon completion of the workshop you’ll feel confident taking any Gentle and/or Beginners Level Yoga class you come across!

This is also an amazing opportunity to gain more insight about what attracts you to Yoga, what you hope to get out of your personal practice, and how to lean in to get the most out of your time on the mat.

The stiff and inflexible are welcomed and supported!!

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Jumpstart Your Practice: Beginner Course

3 Videos

  • Jumpstart Your Yoga Practice: Beginner Series Part One

    In part one of Jump-start Your Practice, Peacock Studio Teacher Christine offers insight on yogic philosophy and the different styles of yoga classes available. Explore a core seated pose, learn foundational breathing techniques, and practice guided meditation. The perfect introduction or reconne...

  • Jumpstart Your Yoga Practice: Beginner Series Part Two

    Part two focuses on the core postures of a Vinyasa yoga class. Explore foundational postures and sequences, with an emphasis on alignment and modification, as well as the core purpose and benefits of the practice! The what, how, and why of a yoga class.

  • Jumpstart Your Practice: Beginner Series Part Three

    Part Three brings together everything we’ve learned together into a beautiful Gentle vinyasa flow including guided meditation and breathing techniques for relaxation, personal balance, and wellness. Connect with your time on the mat on a personal level and jumpstart a consistent practice!